Finding the poetic ripples that honor the uniqueness of who we are,
and the universal traits that connect us all as human beings.

About Jeff

Entrepreneur, poet and author

Jeffrey E. Frick, is a life-long poet and author who has spent over forty years in the educational and business marketplace discovering and implementing the concept that with a kind, loving heart great challenges can be turned into inspiring successes.

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The P.R.E.P. Process

Poetic Ripples Expression Process

Poetic Ripples has improved many organizations through our simple process called the Poetic Ripples Expression Process (PREP). This method is designed to inspire your employees to be engaged in your mission, while ...

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About Poetic Ripples

A journey to enlightenment

This is a very practical book that gives you the opportunity to see how Heart-Centered Poems can help you navigate to uncover your divine knowing heart. As you meditate and become open to this state of consciousness, you will find that your heart is a place you can go for wisdom and love at any time, no matter what the circumstances. Enjoy the journey!

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