Jeffrey E. Frick, is a life-long poet and author who has spent over forty years in the educational and business marketplace discovering and implementing the concept that with a kind, loving heart great challenges can be turned into inspiring successes. With meditation, intuitive poetry, and an ability to relate with each person individually, Jeff was able to bring individual talents and strengths together to create very successful businesses. He is the author of Stories from the Knowing Heart, where he has used poetry to get unstuck and transform tests into treasures.
Poetry has been a well-respected tool to help him move through indecision, fear, rejection, and anger to enable him to make enlightened decisions that reflect a more heart-centered approach to personal and business relationships.
Jeff also published, The Soul Station, a unique novel on how change can take place when you let go of self-limiting thoughts and feelings.
The book touches on the deeper meanings of life.
Jeff also helped build one of the most successful insurance agencies in San Diego County, Murria & Frick Insurance before started his own company, Fitness and Wellness Insurance. Jeff had the vision to insure a unique niche of the fitness industry throughout the United States which attracted a Fortune 1000 company to purchase it in 2007. Jeff now writes from his home in Carlsbad, California and consults with businesses all around the globe.

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